[2019] $60,000 Property Flip – Week One – El Paso Texas

So we started our first flip of 2019 a couple of weeks ago and normally we just do photo recaps, but we decided to try and give you all a sneak peak at what a $60,000 flip looks like.

This property is what we refer to as a “Big Boy Flip” measuring in at nearly 4,400 sq ft (5 Bedrooms / 4 Bathrooms / 3 Living Areas and a HUGE Kitchen space. Not to mention a Wash room the size of a small bedroom.) on a 1/3 acre lot. This property needed the full treatment we tore some walls down, closed others up and had to gut all the restrooms. We’ll be updating you as the project progresses – Enjoy the transformation!

We’re curious, what would your number one worry be on a property this big?

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