The Creative Selling Team at Russell Real Estate Realtor Pension Plan

Selling Real Estate
We are a local 5 star review, Top-Producing real estate team with Russell Real Estate Services in Northeast Ohio who have a team ready to help you serve your existing and past clients.
Do you wish you could retire but feel the need to keep working?
Let us be your retirement plan and take the workload off of your hands!
It’s simple, we send you a referral form for each client you send us and we pay you at closing 30% of the gross commission amount of our side of the transaction.
We have worked with numerous agents who will refer us their past clients and will pay you a 30% referral fee so you can enjoy your free time and not have to work well past retirement age or lose existing leads if you do not have the resources to manage them on your own. Email us or call us today for more information at 440-212-5656.

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